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COLD WHITE ULTRASONIC TOOTHBRUSH- BLACKProduct Including1.FG14680 - COLD WHITE ULTRASONIC TOOTHBRUSH- BLACK x 1 unitProduct Schematic:1. FG14680/FG14690 - COLD WHITE ULTRASONIC TOOTHBRUSH- BLACK-Sterilization toothbrush cover-Power button-Intensity adjustment button-Auto whitening mode indicato..
Ex Tax:RM699.00
[FUTURE LAB] Magnet Speed Racing Charging CableProduct AccessoriesLightning Magnetic Joint*1Micro usb Magnetic Joint*1Type-C Magnetic Joint*1Storage Box*1..
Ex Tax:RM299.00
N7 AIR PURIFIERProduct Including1. FG14090- N7 AIR PURIFIER x 1 unitProduct Features1. FG14090 - N7 AIR PURIFIER-Negative ions remove haze and smokeN7 comes with a 20 million negative ion generator, and the negative ions have strong adsorption capacity to remove smog (pm2.5), remove smoke, and impro..
Ex Tax:RM299.00
NION NEGATIVE LON COMBProduct Including1. FG13950 - NION NEGATIVE LON COMB x 1 unitProduct Schematic:1. FG13950 - NION NEGATIVE LON COMB-Polyimide alloy membrane heating films- 2500mAh 18650 lithium battery-One button operation for on/off and mode change-RGB indicator light display-Millions of negat..
Ex Tax:RM329.00
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