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Consumer Electrical Product

Consumer Electrical Product
Future Lab - Clothes Conditioning Set
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Sleep Manager host x 1USB Typs-C charging cable x 1Essential oil as a sleep aid x 1Warranty card x 1 Manual..
RM599.00 RM1,099.00
Ex Tax:RM599.00
Future Lab - Ergonomic Solution (Chair, Lumbar & Tlamp)
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7D Ergonomic Reclining Chair 7D Pressurized Shock Absorbing Lumbar SupportT-Lamp Monitor Light Bar..
RM799.00 RM1,447.00
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Future Lab - White Noise Diffuser
-50 %
Various functions, changeable head, lightweight, sterilization box, Type C charging Handle x1Iron plug inx1Ultrasonic stain remover device plug in x1 Clothing Hairball remover Plug in x1USB Type C cable x1 Brush x1 Storing Bag x1 User Manual x1 Warranty Card x1..
RM199.00 RM399.00
Ex Tax:RM199.00
All taste was chosen, roasted by top barista,Quality control by 20 person world barWater flow control,the key point of pour over coffee. iDrip's patent faucet could control steaming time,output,temperature,speed and route preciselyBrewing with craftsmanship of champion. Show the rich taste of coffee..
Ex Tax:RM17,608.00
5.0L Air Fryer with Touch Control, hyperboloid surround heating, BlackPower Supply 50WCapacity 5LManual Temperature Setting 80 - 200 degree CelciusMaximum present time 60 mins..
Ex Tax:RM609.00
7.0L Air Fryer with Touch Control, hyperboloid surround heating, BlackAuto pot detectionDrop off protectionAuto re-operate when pot located back within 3 minsAuto stop when overheat (250 degree Celsius)..
Ex Tax:RM759.00
Sharp - Car Purifier
Hot -33 %
Coverage area 3.6m³3 operation mode - Low, med, turboTurbo mode - discharge of high-density plasmacluster ions up to 90,000 ions/cm3Speedy deodorizing 5 major of adhering odor - Smoke, sweat, food smell, mold, pet danderStrong performance of removal of virusesRemoval of allergens from dust mite face..
RM469.00 RM699.00
Ex Tax:RM469.00
46L, 2000W, 120 mins timer, Convection, Rotisserrie, Top Heating , bottom heating,  Top & Bottom Heating3-Level Heating + ConvectionLonger Cooking Time (120 Minutes Cooking Time)Rotisserie FunctionMulti FunctionTemperature 90ºc -250ºc..
Ex Tax:RM509.00
Sharp - Personal Air Care
Hot -29 %
ON Plasmacluster HD 25,000Dual Usage (Mobile & Desk)Reducing Airborne & Adherent Saliva Novel Coronavirus (SARS-CoV-2)Equipped with Neck Strap, Brush, USB Cable (Type C)Compact & LightweightIon Density Lifetime 19000 Hours..
RM499.00 RM699.00
Ex Tax:RM499.00
31L, Inverter, 1250W powerful steam, superheated steam oven, 100% pure steam cooking2 Layers CookingAdditional Baking Tray and Steam Tray800W Microwave Output Power34 Automatic ModesInverter Technology..
Ex Tax:RM4,599.00
1.8L Twin Cooker, 0.9L*2 Non-stick Inner Pot, various menu selection Independent control of each pot.  Allows to cook in one of the bowls separately or at the same time different dishes. Save time & energy.Variety of cooking with 4 dishes.12 auto menus available.Removable inner li..
Ex Tax:RM769.00
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