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5.0L Air Fryer with Touch Control, hyperboloid surround heating, BlackPower Supply 50WCapacity 5LManual Temperature Setting 80 - 200 degree CelciusMaximum present time 60 mins..
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7.0L Air Fryer with Touch Control, hyperboloid surround heating, BlackAuto pot detectionDrop off protectionAuto re-operate when pot located back within 3 minsAuto stop when overheat (250 degree Celsius)..
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Sharp - Car Purifier
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Coverage area 3.6m³3 operation mode - Low, med, turboTurbo mode - discharge of high-density plasmacluster ions up to 90,000 ions/cm3Speedy deodorizing 5 major of adhering odor - Smoke, sweat, food smell, mold, pet danderStrong performance of removal of virusesRemoval of allergens from dust mite face..
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46L, 2000W, 120 mins timer, Convection, Rotisserrie, Top Heating , bottom heating,  Top & Bottom Heating3-Level Heating + ConvectionLonger Cooking Time (120 Minutes Cooking Time)Rotisserie FunctionMulti FunctionTemperature 90ºc -250ºc..
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Sharp - Personal Air Care
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ON Plasmacluster HD 25,000Dual Usage (Mobile & Desk)Reducing Airborne & Adherent Saliva Novel Coronavirus (SARS-CoV-2)Equipped with Neck Strap, Brush, USB Cable (Type C)Compact & LightweightIon Density Lifetime 19000 Hours..
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31L, Inverter, 1250W powerful steam, superheated steam oven, 100% pure steam cooking2 Layers CookingAdditional Baking Tray and Steam Tray800W Microwave Output Power34 Automatic ModesInverter Technology..
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1.8L Twin Cooker, 0.9L*2 Non-stick Inner Pot, various menu selection Independent control of each pot.  Allows to cook in one of the bowls separately or at the same time different dishes. Save time & energy.Variety of cooking with 4 dishes.12 auto menus available.Removable inner li..
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