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Product Name: Future Lab T-Lamp Monitor Light BarDouble function hanging light, Touch Screen, 100% anti blue-violet light, USB Type-C Cable, Scratch-proof, Drop-proof, Aluminum alloy, ABSMore details......
Ex Tax:RM299.00
Product Name: Ion Generator : PM10 filter, Turbo Mode & USB PortModel No: IGEX20BWSHARP Cube Ion Generator : PM10 filter, Turbo Mode & USB Port, approx 1.65m2, 3 operation mode - low, med, full power / Ion Density (approx.) cm³ 7,000 / 25,000 / 50,000More details......
Ex Tax:RM759.00
Product Name: Sharp FPJM30LB  23m2 Air Purifier with Mosquito CATCHER Fuction (FPJM30LB)Model No: FPJM30LBSHARP, PCI Model with Mosquito Trap Function Air Purifier, FPJM30LB23m2, Plamacluster, Haze Mode, Auto Restart, Off Timer, Filter replacement indicatorMore details......
Ex Tax:RM971.00
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