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High Volume AirflowIonic Caring360° Magnetic Join NozzleHot & Cold Air ExchangeableLight & PortableLow Noise Operation33°C for cold mode68°C for warm mode71°C for hot modeSpecifications:Brand: Bear MalaysiaVoltage: 240VPower: 1600WWeight: 0.44kg..
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Trending Products 2021New Arrivals DHPO Ceramic Pour Over Coffee Maker Gift Set Matte V60 Coffee Dripper and Server Set..
Ex Tax:RM368.00
DHPO Gooseneck Kettle Temperature Control Electric Kettle Stainless Steel With Comfortable ABS Handle With Wooden Texture..
Ex Tax:RM685.00
DHPO Hot Selling Hand Brewed Coffee Set Luxury Ceramic V60 Filter Dripper With Wood Stand Carrier Stainless Steel Holder..
Ex Tax:RM415.00
There’s something divine and inexplicable about Ethiopia. Its taste is unique; a coffee that’s laced with the aroma of tea. Today is your final day of work of the week, you can unwind and you’re delighted. The look on your face inspires enthusiasm. Your mood drastically changes for the goo..
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All taste was chosen, roasted by top barista,Quality control by 20 person world barWater flow control,the key point of pour over coffee. iDrip's patent faucet could control steaming time,output,temperature,speed and route preciselyBrewing with craftsmanship of champion. Show the rich taste of coffee..
Ex Tax:RM17,608.00
On sluggish days like these, My Signature is your perfect match-up. It’s complex, acidic, and sweet; just like you, it’s here, there, and everywhere. 懶懶的,渾渾欲睡、不想上班,心情五味雜陳,很適合來一杯和自己心情相符口味的咖啡,如酸酸、甜甜、苦苦、又甘甘的My Signature。My-Signature Coffee, a combination of three types of Arabica roasted coff..
Ex Tax:RM49.00
Future Lab - 7D Ergonomic Reclining Office Chair
Hot -17 %
【 Product features 】The world's top-class computer deck chair, original creation free design, combine technology of human body engineering to give you the most comfortable life, break through all sorts of unwell that old-style hard card sit chair place brings before. If you have a 7D ergonomic recli..
RM749.00 RM899.00
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Future Lab - 7D Pressurized Shock Absorbing Lumbar Support
Hot -40 %
【 Product features 】The most powerful backrest cushion on earth, the latest modified pneumatic shock absorber backrest design,Highly resilient to support your spine, the body curves with bi-directional blades to allow more pressure points.Whether you use a computer, drive a car, or read a book, your..
RM149.00 RM249.00
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Future Lab - T-Lamp Monitor Light Bar
-50 %
【 Product features 】FutureLab. The newly developed TLamp twin hanging lamp,Double deformation design allows you to enjoy the screen hanging lamp/eye protection lamp at the same time,The screen does not reflect light to effectively avoid glare problems, block blue and violet light to reduce eye burde..
RM149.00 RM299.00
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Grandma Stella Cookies - Peanut ButterCookie Flavour: Peanut ButterCookie Shape:  RoundCookie Colour: Brown colourIngredient List: Peanut Butter, Flour, Sugar, Butter, Egg, Baking Soda, Salt, Vanilla, Lecithin, TocopherolAllergy Information: Contains Wheat Flour, Nuts and EggsGrandma..
Ex Tax:RM55.00
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