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Cocoro Life - My Signature

Cocoro Life - My Signature
Cocoro Life - My Signature
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On sluggish days like these, My Signature is your perfect match-up. It’s complex, acidic, and 

sweet; just like you, it’s here, there, and everywhere. 


杯和自己心情相符口味的咖啡,如酸酸、甜甜、苦苦、又甘甘的My Signature。

My-Signature Coffee, a combination of three types of Arabica roasted coffee beans. Bold-bodied, 

dark berries sweetness with a fruity finish. A very well-balanced blend that makes excellent black 


Roast Profile: Medium

Tasting Notes: Dark Berries Sweetness, Mandarin Orange Peel, Sugar Cane, Cacao.

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